How do I convert record types/Import details from another record?

Occasionally it may be required to convert one record type to another, or to create a copy of an existing record with a new record type (for example a sale from a purchase record when acting for both sides of a transaction). This can be accomplished by following the steps below.

  • Open a new record of the desired type.
  • Click on the records menu > import > and select the original record type.
  • Select the original record that you want to convert (ensure that the record is not locked for editing by yourself or another user) and click select.
  • There may be pop ups asking what information you would like to import, select yes/no depending on what info you want copied into the new record.
  • At this point you may review the tabs (Forms, Document Production, and LOFTI will not be available until the record has been saved), and ensure that the desired data has been imported. If the wrong import type has been selected, close the record without saving and start the import process again.
  • If you are satisfied with the new record, assign a record number and save the record. You can use the same record number as the original record if desired.

Note: If your original record contains any electronic mortgage instructions that you require be moved to the new record, those instructions must be unassigned and reassigned to the new record. If there is no option to unassign the instructions from within the original record please contact Customer Service for assistance.

If the original record is no longer needed (for example, a mortgage record that should have been a purchase etc.) it can be deleted and/or reset to get a refund for the original transaction. Instructions on how to delete a record can be found here and instruction for resetting the transaction charge can be found here.

Last Updated: 2016-11-14 19:50:57 UTC

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