Where are the values in the Trust Ledger coming from?

The Trust Ledger combines many values from other tabs of your record, and because of this it can sometimes be difficult to determine how a particular value has been determined. Here are some tips for working in the Trust Ledger to make it easier to understand and use effectively.

At the very top of the Trust Ledger tab is the checkbox "Automatically insert/update all F9 values as required". This should be selected to assist with filling in the trust ledger with values that have already been set in other tabs. If this box is unchecked you can instead fill all values in the Trust Ledger manually. You may also fill in values as they have been set in other tabs by highlighting a value and pressing F9.

For automatically entered values, you can determine which tab a particular value is being pulled from by selecting the value for the expenditure/receipt and looking at the blue bar on the bottom of the program. If the amount is or can be pulled from another tab it will display "Source Topic of amount = " followed by the letter of the corresponding tab. This can be extremely helpful as sometimes the source for a particular value can change based on other settings within the record.

For example in a purchase record, if in Tab J "Provide detailed explanation of statement of adjustments" has been set to yes, the value being shown in the "Paid to vendor on closing" field may be pulled from Tab J - Report to Purchaser rather than Tab N - Statement of Adjustments. By selecting the value in the trust ledger and observing the blue bar you can identify where the value is being pulled from, and this may help to correct an incorrect value in the trust ledger if the Balance due on closing has not been properly set in Tab J.



Last Updated: 2016-12-29 13:57:21 UTC

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