BC Estate Planning Version 12.0.719


We are pleased to advise that BC Estate Planning Version 12.0.719 is now available. A big thank you goes out to all of our beta testers for taking the time to provide their valuable feedback!

This release includes the following:

What’s being upgraded?


We’re pretty excited to let you know that we have added greater flexibility to the Will building process!

Customizable Will Clauses

In addition to the BC Notaries Will clauses and the CLE BC Will clauses that are currently available, we have added Customizable Will Clauses under the Personalize Content folder.

To ensure easy customization, these clauses come complete with all the necessary formatting to ensure that a professional, fully formatted final Will document is produced. You can easily edit the wording in these clauses and add your own additional clauses. You can also flag clauses as mandatory to ensure that they are included in every Will you create.

If you use BC Estate Planning on a server, all customized clauses are automatically available for use by everyone in your firm.

Multi Source Will Clause Selection

You now have the ability to create a Will using clauses from multiple sources. Selecting the new Customizable Will Clauses option from the Personalized Content folder in the Create Document popup now gives you the flexibility to select clauses from the BC Notary Content, the CLE BC Content and your Customizable Will Clauses. Once clauses are selected, they can be easily reordered using the up and down arrows.

If you’d like a walkthrough of these great new features, contact your Customer Success Manager at any time to arrange one! Alternatively, you can view step by step instructions in the BC Estate Planning User Guide located on our Help Centre.


The following new documents are now available:

  • Affidavit of Notice to Appoint Substitute Attorney to Act
  • Affidavit of Power of Attorney Witness (Blind Testator)
  • Affidavit For Power of Attorney Witness (Out of Province)
  • Closing Letter Wills and POA
  • Closing Letter Wills
  • Closing Letter POA
  • Closing Letter Health Care Directive
  • Closing Letter Representative Agreement

 The following document changes have been made:

  • Springer clause and accompanying affidavit now added to Enduring Power of Attorney
  • New signature option added to Enduring Power of Attorney for both internal and external signing
  • Enduring Power of Attorney the duplicate words “Province of” have been removed from the statutory declaration section


The Software Transaction Fee that automatically appears as a disbursement on your account will now reflect PST and the Delete button will be active when the disbursement is selected.


If you require further assistance, please contact customer service at 1.866.367.7648 or

Last Updated: 2016-09-13 19:33:16 UTC

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