Creating Custom Letterhead

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Creating Custom Letterhead

First, ensure that the Application Options for letterhead is set to 0000LetterHead.det. Click Tools>Options>Data Maintenance and then Matter>Application Options

Next, locate the Templates Folder. This can be found by clicking on Create Documents>Options >File Locations. (This can vary depending on installation requirements.)


Locate the Template 0000LetterHead.det and create a back-up copy by right-click>copy and right-click>paste. The new file will contain the word copy.

Open the original 0000Letterhead.det. The header will display the text fields as shown in this image. Change the Table Properties so the lines are automatic (rather than white) for easier navigation.

The layout of the header can be changed to suit the firm requirements of letterhead, fields can be moved to different locations or order, the «TXTOURLAWFIRMNAME» can be replaced with the firm logo*, but be VERY careful not to change anything between the chevrons << or >> as these are the merge fields that generate the information from the Firm Contact Card.

Once the 0000Letterhead.det has been modified, save and close and test.

When all is satisfactory, create a back-up copy of the finished 0000Letterhead.det with a name to distinguish from 0000Letterhead-copy.det created as the first step. This will ensure that if any future Template updates over-write the new 0000Letterhead.det, the back-up will be easy to find and replace.

* Logo Image can be any type of image file - .jpg, .bmp, .png. Ensure the Logo and/or any other changes made to the header conform to margin and printing requirements.


Last Updated: 2017-11-09 02:10:43 UTC

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