How can I tell if I have the most up to date versions of the Court Forms?

We endeavor to keep the forms in Estate A Base up to date. When a new form is released by Ontario Court Services, a new release of the program will be scheduled prior to the effective date of the new form; you will receive notification of the new release in the messages feature of Estate A Base. To ensure that you are running the most up to date version, please refer to the following link for instructions on upgrading your program:

Ontario Court Services provides a list on their website of the current forms to be used, which includes the version date (the date the form became public) and the effective date (the date that only the new form will be accepted for filing).  Please note that the version date appears on the bottom right hand corner of your produced court forms.  The complete list of these forms can be found at:

Once you have upgraded your Estate A Base program, you may be required to refresh the court forms that were previously produced in your existing records to ensure that the most up to date version of the form is being used. To refresh a form, navigate to the forms tab and click on the required form to open the data entry screen. To refresh the form, click on the override database button at the top of the page:


Once the override has been activated, the button at the top of the data entry screen will be renamed to "Restore Database Values". Click the Restore Database values button to ensure that the information that is entered in the other tabs within the record populates onto your form. Finally, click the PDF Conversion button to generate the Court Form.  You will see the appropriate version date on the bottom right hand corner of the form's pages.



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