How to change an address

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To change the address of a Contact, click on the Address button to open the address details, make the desired changes and click OK

Changing an address on one Contact Card can change the address on ALL Contact Cards that are linked to that address. If the address is used by multiple Contacts, you will get a prompt advising you that changing the address will change the address for all Contacts using the same address.

Click Yes and all Contacts using that address will change. Click on No to change the address for only that Contact.


Changing Corporate Registered Office Address

In cases where the history of previous Registered Office Addresses is not necessary, simply change the address as set out above. However, if the history is required, the following steps are recommended:

Open the Corporate Contact Card to the Other Addresses Tab. Set the address Type to Ex-Registered Address and enter the End Date.

Click on New Address to open the address details and enter the new address in the appropriate fields. Click on the Effective Date tab to enter the appropriate date. Click OK.

At this point the new address will appear on the Other Addresses tab with the default type of Mailing. Change the Type to Registered Office.

If the intended Registered Office address has already been added, click on the Find button, enter part of the address and select the address from the list then click OK.

To complete the process, change the Type to Registered Office and enter the Effective Start Date.



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