How to create a favourite will or other document

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Creating a Favourite Will or other Document

In many cases, the same clauses are used as a starting point for standard wills, such as "Single with no Kids", "Married with Kids" or Second Marriage with Step-Children. In such cases, it’s possible to set up Favourites in the Create Documents to use as a starting point by anyone.

From any matter, click on Create Documents and choose the document from the list and click OK.

The Clause Document will then appear. Click New, enter the name of the new favourite and Save.

Choose the name of the new favourite from the dropdown menu and click Edit. Select the desired clauses and Save.



The new Favourite will be available for selection in the future. When chosen from the dropdown, the pre-selected clauses can be added to or deselected to further refine the client’s specific needs.

Click below to download these instructions in PDF format.

Last Updated: 2016-04-04 14:41:44 UTC

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