How can I ensure that I have all of the Do Process master documents installed?

Periodically, Do Process master documents are added or amended. If you would like to check that you have all of the most up to date version of the Do Process masters installed in your program, please complete the following steps:

1. Click on the Updates menu. Choose Import selected master documents from Do Process Software from the drop down menu. The program will extract information from your program to determine what masters are installed.

2. When the Import Selected Master Documents menu opens, you will see tabs for Purchase Masters, Sale Masters, Mortgage Masters, $INCLUDE$, Other, Tasks, Projects and Commercial Properties.  If any masters in the INSTALLED VERSION column in tabs 1, 2, 3, 7 or 8 indicate *none* in red writing and are highlighted in green, the master has never been installed into your program. You may click the check box to the left hand side of the master name, and when all missing masters have been selected for that category, click Proceed (or F2 on your keyboard) to import them.

If a master has a date in the INSTALLED VERSION column, but the date in the DP version has a more recent date and is highlighted in green, the Do Process master was updated and uploaded on the date given in the DP Version column. You may choose to click the check box to the left hand side of the master name, and when all missing masters have been selected, click Proceed (or F2 on your keyboard) to import them. Please be aware that if this step is taken, your previous master document will be overridden.  If you have customized the document in any way, DO NOT IMPORT THE DP VERSION or you will lose all customization that was done to your master in the past.


Last Updated: 2017-11-17 09:41:57 UTC

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