How to create, change and delete Contact Links

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Contact Links allows you to find out how any given Contact is involved with different Matters.
From the Contact form, select the Show Links button.

To open any Matter, click/select the Matter and choose Open or double-click the name.

Change Contact Links
Open the Contact that you want the links removed from and select the Change Links button. You may need to click and drag the edge of the Contact Card to enlarge it for all available buttons.


In the Change the Links field, enter the name or partial name of the Contact the links will be transferred to. Hit the Tab key to trigger the search function, and click the dropdown to select the intended recipient. Select the Links that you want to move.

NOTE: You must select a link to change, even if there is only one.

Deleting Contacts or Duplicate Contacts
There may be occasions when Contacts have been entered more than once. Both Joe Ritchie and Joseph Ritchie may be in the database, but are in fact the same person. Or a Timekeeper leaves the firm, and all of their Matters are to be transferred to another Timekeeper.
Click the Delete button on the Contact Card or open the Contacts List, find the Contact you want to delete, highlight the Contact, then click the Delete icon on the List Toolbar.


NOTE: Estate Planning will not allow you delete a Contact that is related to other Contacts or Matters.

If you try to delete a Contact and Corporate Manager ET will not allow this, you will be prompted to view the Links for the Contact for existing relationships.

If you click Yes you will be taken back to the Contact Links view where you can see all the Matters to which the Contact is linked. Open the contact you wish to keep and make a slight change to the name. You can add a character or the word “keep” to distinguish from the contact you wish to delete. Change the File As name to reflect the name change.


Proceed to change the links as outlined above, but when choosing the Contact to transfer the links to, choose the amended contact and click OK.


Once all links have been transferred from the duplicate contacts, delete the duplicates by clicking the delete button on either the Contact Card itself and confirming that you wish to save the changes or the delete button on the Contact List. When all duplicates are deleted, change the name on the remaining contact back to the individual’s proper name.

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