How to create custom templates

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Creating your own custom templates is easy using the customize feature in Create Documents.
To create a custom template, start the Create Documents process from any matter, choose the document most like the new document you wish to create and click on the Customize button.


You will then be asked for a password. The default password is Emergent01, which will open a dialogue box asking for the name of the new document.

If you are asked, use Word to open the new document.

The new document will open automatically in word ready for customization. Be VERY careful not to change anything between the chevrons << or >> as these are the merge fields that generate the information in the documents. Also, be aware that changing any section breaks may also affect the behavior of your documents. Changes should be restricted to the wording of the document only.


Once you have created your new customized document, save and close it. the newly created template will be available at the bottom of the document list in that folder and can be used in the same manner as any other template.

Click below to download these instructions in PDF format.



Last Updated: 2016-04-12 17:41:06 UTC

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