How to install letterhead?

 Please follow these instructions to set it up your letterhead:

  1. Save the letterhead file attached to this email to your hard drive.
  2. In Brief Convey, go to Settings > Company to open the Company List.
  3. Click the required branch in the left panel.
  4. If there is an existing letterhead, click [Clear] beside the <OpenOffice version or MS Word version> to remove the existing letterhead.
  5. Click […] beside the <OpenOffice version or MS Word version>.
  6. In the Letterhead editor that appears, click File > Open, browse to the letterhead you saved in step 1 and click [Open].
  7. Click “X” in the top right corner. (Note that clicking File > Save or File > Save As will not save the file.)
  8. When you are prompted to confirm the save, click Yes.
  9. The letterhead is still not saved! Click [Save] in the Company List box.
  10. A message appears that the record is saved.
  11. Close the Company List box.
  12. To test the letterhead, open a file, generate a document that uses the letterhead (i.e. Purchaser – Intro Letter) and check that the letterhead and document generate as expected.


Last Updated: 2015-10-30 15:42:02 UTC

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