ProSuite Version 8.1

We are pleased to announce ProSuite Version 8.1 is now available. This version contains some exciting new features and enhancements, many suggested by our valued customers.

 General Enhancements

  • Redacting Credit Card Information – To ensure compliance with credit card industry standards, the middle eight digits of credit card numbers appearing in ProSuite have been scrubbed. For example, when choosing a Credit Card for the Contact Identification Verification particulars, the credit card number will appear as 3423********3424.  Click here to read more about payment card industry standards.
  • A New Contacts button on the main menu ribbon provides a faster and easier way to add a new local contact in the Contact Manager window.
  • The Email button on Contact fields will only be activated when the contact record has a valid email address associated with it.
  • The option to clear an existing contact record’s Birth Date field, if it was originally entered incorrectly, will be available to increase the accuracy of local contact record information.


  • The Responsible Person field in the User – Settings tab no longer displays deleted firm contact records, making it easier to select only active users in the firm.
  • New GST/PST Summary Report and GST/PST Detailed Report – these reports will capture the tax amounts for a selected period that was charged out for fees and disbursements on file matters. This will save valuable time when submitting this information to the government.


  • The Property - Searches tab will now remove all checked Charges, Liens and Interests fields from previous Title Searches after a new Title Search is performed, reducing any confusion as to which title search item was imported.
  • Whenever a Property - Search tab - Legal Description field is brought in it is checked for hard returns/enters and replaced with a space to display correctly saving time identifying and editing any generated documents.
  • For all file matter types that have a Property - Searches tab the Import Setting label was changed to Search Setting. New Searches first perform a PID Check to validate the number as necessary. Then the user must select the Search Setting before clicking the Title Search button that brings in and populates the tile search fields.

  • Once the fields are populated the Title Search button and the Search Setting fields become inactive and the Print and Import buttons become active. The fields would be edited before clicking the Import button, automatically dispersing the data into the appropriate tabs and fields.
  • The Print button will open a window with the Title Search information and a heading with either Cancelled Charges or No Cancelled Charges based on your Search Setting making it easy to identify what is included in your search.


Expanded Adjustment Library

  • The enhanced Adjustment Library available in the My Firm window enables custom adjustment items to be created for one or more different file types. Each of these custom items can be applied to most file matters types the same way it currently functions in Purchase files. The expanded Adjustment Library feature will drastically reduce data entry keystrokes when manually creating adjustment items for Purchase, Sale, Mortgage Only, Home Equity and Family Transfer file types.
  • The My Firm Adjustment Library tab will be able to identify one or more file types that the existing or new adjustment item will be applied to.

  • To save keystrokes, one or more file type checkboxes can be clicked on or off or all can be checked or un-checked by clicking the Select All and Clear All buttons.

  • If the Firm - Adjustment Library item is checked for a particular file type, it will display in the file matter’s Apply from Library window to be selected.

Eg. Mortgage Only file types have the Firm - Adjustment Library items available in the Mortgage-Order to Pay tab’s Apply from Library field.


Trust Feature Improvements


  • New Access Levels - users with Firm Admin rights will now be able to manage their firm’s user profiles. Firm Admins have the ability to change the defaulted Full Access level on all their staff’s user profiles and set them to either Full Access, Limited Access or No Access.

This will grant Full Access users permission to all Trust features, including the bank account information or month end reporting, whereas Limited Access users will only have permission for the day to day file matter trust money tasks.

  • Full Access will allow Account owners (Firm Admins by default), and those user profiles [for instance: their bookkeepers/accountants] access to the Trust tab (all tabs Accounts); Trust Reports; and file matter tabs to be visible and editable. The File Matter General tab Default Trust Account field is also available and editable.

  • Limited Access trust users will have access to the file matter Trust tabs, the Trust window’s Cheque Searching tab, and the new tab.


  • New Cheque Posting tab is available in the Trust window and now separated from the Cheque Clearing tab. This will make the process easier and will be available to both Full Access and Limited Access users.

  • The Posting checkbox has been removed and all labels that referenced Printed/Posted or Printed are now labelled Posted. The features are the same as in the Cheque Clearing tab but only include the Cheque Posting requirements, including the batch fields displayed at the bottom of the window. The label for searching is also changed to Search on Date Posted.

  • Cheque Default Dates will set to the last day of the previous month, which is a standard date for posting cheques in the reconciling period.
  • A Total Posted label and message similar to the Cheque Clearing messages will display when the Save Page button is clicked. Example: This operation will post 10 cheques in the amount of $25,000.00 do you want to continue? Click to accept and the cheques will become outstanding cheques to be included in your Outstanding Cheques report. This is the same cheque Posted field that is used in the File Matter Trust – Cheque tab and they both reflect the same entry when a Posted Date is saved in either tab or using either process.
  • Cheque Searching tab - a new Print button has been added that will provide users the ability to save or export the search results as needed. The Cheque Searching was corrected to include all cheques that are voided, regardless if they were posted and then voided.

  • The Cheque Clearing tab has been modified to only include the process of clearing (cashed cheques) and will only be available to users who have Full Access. This provides added security to your Bank Account and month end information.


  • New Final Reconciliation tab - has been created in the Trust window to automate and assist with the month end reconciliation process greatly improving workflow and saving valuable time.

  • The Final Reconciliation tab displays and automatically populates all the same fields that were used in the generated R-020 Final Reconciliation Report document. Once the Period and Bank are selected, the fields are populated and calculated automatically. The Bank Balance and Other Systems Outstanding Cheques amounts can then be entered to provide the final closing balances and display if the bank statement and Trust records balance.

  • The fields in this Final Reconciliation tab still allow and require the data entry of your accounts Bank Statement’s Balance (bank statement closing balance) and the Less Outstanding Cheques NOT in System (total amount of any outstanding cheques from a previous system used before this ProSuite Trust feature was setup and active).
  • Once the Balance Is field calculates to $0.00 then the Final Reconciliation report can be generated by clicking on the new Print button. The document opens ready to be exported to various file types (xls, text, rtf, etc.) and saved to your local hard drive for future reference.

  • The bank’s Closing Balance will be automatically captured and entered into the Opening Balance field in the Trust window’s Account tab saving time during this process.


  • Once this is completed the new Reconciled checkbox will be available to close this Bank’s Period. If the month end has balanced then this Bank Account for the Reconciled Period will be locked and no further receipt or cheques entries will be allowed in this period. Messages will display stating that the period is ‘reconciled and closed‘.


  • The Trust Liability report has been improved for instances where a cheque issued in a prior period is then Cancelled or Voided in the current period. The money will now be placed back into the Trust Account balance, eliminating the need to manually record these instances. It will also no longer be necessary to make a manual adjusting entry to the Opening Bank Balance.

  • New General Ledger Report will be available for a selected Bank and Period with a record of all file matter’s trust monies transactions.

The new report will include all transactions and a running Bank Account balance for easy reference.

  • The Cheques this Period report is available for a selected Bank and Period with a record of all file matter’s trust monies transactions.

  • Additional restrictions and warning messages have been added for specific Trust fields to reduce record keeping errors and month end adjustments.
  • Trust - Cheque tab - improvements for EFT types will include the Posted Date field, defaulting to the Date Issued field and displaying a stored Posted Date to save data entry time.
  • The Date Issued field in the Cheques tab will display a message when the Bank Account is selected and the Date Issued period is outside the current period. When the period is reconciled the Date Issued message will display that the period is a reconciled and closed month.
  • A warning message will display that only a Full Access user is allowed to create cheques with Date Issued in any previous months. However, if that period is reconciled and closed, a Full Access user will be able to re-open the period and make adjustments as necessary.


Please note, the new address for cheque payments to Do Process:
Do Process Software
c/o T01952C
P.O. Box 1952, Station A
Toronto, Ontario
M5W 1W9

This new address will appear on your invoice and account statement delivered to your billing contact by email on the 5th of each month.


How Do You Upgrade?

Option 1: Unattended Overnight Installation:(This is the recommended option since it requires less time to get started on ProSuite when first logging in after the upgrade.)

  • Leave your computer turned on and leave ProSuite running overnight.
  • The Upgrade will automatically perform overnight.
  • When you login to ProSuite in the morning it will already have been upgraded with the new version.
  • Note – If your computer goes into Suspend or Hibernate mode overnight, this method will not work and it will then be installed using Option 2 below.

Option 2: Automatic Installation during initial login:

  • When a new ProSuite software upgrade is available, ProSuite will automatically download and install the new version the first time you launch the application on your computer following the release.
    • The software download and upgrade usually take about 5 to 10 minutes for a simple update, but depend on several factors including: the available network bandwidth at your office, the size of the upgrade and how many upgrade downloads are occurring at the same time.
    • This method will be used, if Unattended Overnight Installation (Installation Option 1) has not occurred.
  • ProSuite will display the status of the download and upgrade.
  • When the upgrade has completed you will be able to complete your login to ProSuite.


Need Help?

If you require further assistance, please contact Customer Service at 1.866.367.7648 or



Last Updated: 2017-12-07 10:55:35 UTC

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