Can I access a copy of my parcel register, instrument or writ outside of the Teranet Connect tab?

All of the Teranet Connect images can be viewed outside of the Teranet Connect tab. There are two places where these can be easily accessed, viewed or printed:

1. The DP filer: Any PDF documents generated or saved in the record can be accessed through the DP filer. Simply click on the filing cabinet icon near the top of any tab within the record to access it.

Once you have accessed the DP filer, click on the PDF symbol at the top of the window to view or print any PDF files you have generated.


2. The “DOCS” folder for your record: Any documents that you create within the Conveyancer are saved within a folder bearing your record number (as entered in the “Record No. Achieve” field on tab A of your record) within the DOCS folder of your program. The record folder can generally be located within the TCWIN folder as such: C:\TCWIN\DOCS\(your record number)\TeranetConnect. You can open any of your purchased images using Adobe Reader from this location.

Last Updated: 2015-06-30 15:33:26 UTC

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