ProSuite Version 7.1

We are pleased to announce ProSuite Version 7.1 will be available October 4, 2014 at 9:00 am. This version will contain exciting new features and enhancements; many suggested by our valued customers.

New Features

Introducing the New Do Process Help Centre

The Help Centre provides access to support and training materials 24/7 for your convenience. During business hours, you can open a request from the Help Centre and interact with live agents. The new system more efficiently manages your requests for even faster resolutions, and you now have the ability to respond directly to the agent that answered your questions via the enhanced email support system.


  • On the ProSuite Home Page, click the new Help Centre tab to access the new menu ribbon for all help materials and links.

  • The Help section contains Training Videos and Support Manuals. The Videos button will open to a webpage and display a selection of the videos available for viewing. The Support Manuals will open on your desktop in Adobe Acrobat and can be viewed then closed or saved on your computer.
  • The Do Process Support section is comprised of remote Support Access, Help Centre Home Page, Lender Form Request, Letterhead Request or Master Doc Request, and Contact Update Request. Remember to attach samples. This new workflow will provide a direct connection to our Customer Support Centre and offer easy submission of requests to our document management team. New Lender Forms can also be submitted easily using this new process.
  • The Technical section includes links to the direct location of the ProSuite program installed files. You can also access a short cut that opens a pre-populated email containing a ProSuite logo file attachment to send to our support team when technical errors are identified.
  • The Website section contains links for easy access to Stewart Title and Landcor web sites.
  • About ProSuite has been updated to include our newest team members.


General Improvements

  • Improvements have been made to simplify the login process the very first time a customer logs into ProSuite. This will provide a better customer experience for our new users by reducing keystrokes and the number of screens before the program desktop displays.
  • The main menu ribbon’s Reports have two contact reports available for generation. The Contact Summary contains all local contacts created in file matters within a certain period. The client contact Summary report generates with only the firms Client Contacts and opens immediately in  excel format. This new “Client Contact Report” displays the local firms 'clients' with their last name in the first column and first name middle name(s) in the second column making it easier to review and merge with your firms documents as needed.
  • The “Financial Transactions Reports” include the description ‘Pending’ for all Orders that are pending and the Do Process BC PST number in the report header for easier reference and submissions.
  • The desktop's “Recent File List” no longer contains the Fintrac column. The Fintrac flagged files can be retrieved either using the “Search & Reports”, by selecting the criteria as needed or using the main menu ribbon’s Reports window. The “Fintrac reports will contain all file matters where the General tab “Fintrac” checkbox field has been checked. The reports include all file matters with this criteria and where the completion date is in the selected month. The removal of this recent listing Fintrac information saves desktop loading time and provides greater visibility of often used file matter information.
  • The My Firm tab’s “Billing Contact” field now displays the email address contained in the list of Practitioner & Staff Members used. This will make the selection of a valid contact record for this field easier and reduce error messages when saving the tab page.
  • The User window has a new Settings tab that contains an Admin sub tab and a File Matter sub tab. This makes it easier to identify the different default settings available that each user profile has to work with within the program. This will also allow for future expansion in these areas to personalize your workflow in file matters.
  • The amount of keystrokes required to add a new contact has been reduced by moving the Contact tab and Address tab fields to one new Contact Tab. This eliminates duplicate fields and reduces the amount of tabs in this window to save time when adding, editing and reviewing contact manager records.

  • The unused “Release Notes” button located in the News header will no longer be visible or display old release items. This will remove any confusion with the most current release items that have become available.

File Matter

  • Commissions tab GST rounding offers a consistent rounding of monies within each calculation in order for the total listing or selling amount to match the sales record sheets provided by real estate offices.
  • Prevention of Mortgage Schedule duplicates to display in the “Lender Schedule Lookup” window which will enable a faster and easier selection of the required item.
  • The Strata tab's Strata Maintenance and Form Fee fields’ buttons to 'Apply to/Remove’ are available and visible to save manual entry in the Accounts tab.
  • Standard headings and formats for the Taxes tab’s Outstanding Utilities have been implemented to make for a cleaner layout and easier navigation.
  • Clearly labelled “Mortgage Draw” field names and messages will now display when the remaining amount of mortgage monies is $0.00 to provide more useful direction when dealing with construction mortgage monies.

Title Search and Import workflow improvements

  • When multiple Property Title Searches are made in a file matter, any title search can now be manually selected for that specific information to be distributed into the file matter tabs after the “Import” button is clicked.
  • The Property Searches tab now retains changes to the Registered Owner's "Individual" check box status and imports that new status into the file matter. This will eliminate the need to manually open the contact manager and edit the field.
  • The Property Title Search import has improved the contact name reference for existing local records by removing constraints and allowing for duplicate “Contact Names” that have different addresses. This will remove the title search import window from ever displaying when the “Registered Owners” exact name and address criteria on title already exist in the Contact database.
  • Property Title Searches are now completed in the file matter display in the side bar and listed in order with the most recent Title Search time stamped and placed on the top of the list. This will make the Title Search brought in that is needed to be imported into the file matter easier to find and select
  • The Property Title Search item can now be chosen as the one to be imported into the file tabs and will be identified in the sidebar with the word ‘imported’ in front of the date & time stamp. This will provide future reference to which title search and its data was imported into the file matter and providing confirmation that accurate up to date information was used.
  • When the “Print” button in the Property Searches tab was clicked twice, an Adobe Reader error message was displaying on selected title searches. This has been corrected.
  • The Property Charges On tab has a blank entry defaulted as the “Nature of Charge” field to eliminate an accidental entry of a charge remaining on title when the file matter auto save feature is enabled.
  • The Land Value tab’s “Property Transfer Tax (PTT)” section has a corrected value in the “1st Time Buyer percentage” when there is more than one first time home buyer. It will then calculate the correct “Net PTT” field.
  • Priority Agreements automatically checked as ”Charges Removed” will save time and reduce the amount of keystrokes required when importing title searches.

Document Selector and Document Generation Improvements

  • When the Document Selector window opens a tab that has an available Search field, the cursor is placed at the ready in the first field for data entry automatically. The list is filtered as you type in the search pane for faster and easier location of documents to be selected for generation.
  • The Download Selector will add an incremental number to the end of the client generated document file name if the document has been generated and stored before. This will prevent the overwriting edited client generated documents. Older versions of your stored client generated documents can be deleted at any time to avoid confusion, increase available disk space, or eliminate the risk of opening or using the incorrect client document.
  • The Closing documents Civic Address is no longer missing spacing or commas reducing keystrokes from manual editing to generated client documents.
  • Document Selector “Search” field filters as you type in the field making the selection easier and saving time.
  • Document Generation Improvements provide accuracy in the ‘Statement of Adjustments’ and the ‘Order to Pay’ reducing manual editing.
  • Sale files have an updated version of the L-011 Form A Transfer to generate the Buyer and Seller correctly without manual editing that was required when the preparation of the sale documents were needed ahead of time for certain file matter transactions.
  • The M-170 Order to Pay was incorrectly applying Mortgage Costs when more than one Mortgage was used. The document now generates accurate calculations by only applying the associated costs to the appropriate Mortgage and eliminating the need to recalculate and edit this document.
  • L-020 Form B Mortgage item 10 has been updated to accommodate the file matter’s Guarantor, and if necessary, also populate with Mortgage-Form B “item 10 Additional & Modified Terms”.
  • LTO forms legal description fields accommodate long legal descriptions according to LTSA requirements. If a SEE SCHEDULE is generated in this field, the Property Legal tab’s ”Legal Description” field contents can be edited as per the specific LTSA’s abbreviated standards. The abbreviations are available in the LTSA forms guide (Green Book) or provided by the LTSA support desk.
  • LTSA Form September updates are implemented and available in the Document Selector and the new Charges Removed/On tab’s nature of charge items list will be available October 6.

Family Transfer ILA

  • The Buyers tab has been expanded to include new "Previous 2 years Address" and "PTT interest acquired" fields. When these field values are entered, they will generate in the Document Selectors L-050, L-060 PTT forms version 24, saving time by automatically completing the forms during generation.
  • Family Transfer Seller tab “ILA” (Independent Legal Advice) field indicator is available to enable two new fields that will generate in the new ILA letter and document. If the “ILA” field is checked ON, a contact field and new “List of Documents” field will become visible for data entry. These new fields will save the information for future reference and reduce the manual creation of documents that would be needed.
  • PTT exemption selections will include a new “blank” choice and all spelling errors in labels have been amended for a cleaner look and feel in this Property Legal tab. This will allow for easier editing when changes to previously entered data are required.
  • Updates to the (L-050) and (L-060) PTT v24 forms include the addition of Section A – “Percentage of Interest Acquired” fields removing the need to manually edit these generated forms.

Over 35 system errors have been corrected, some of which are listed below:

  • Contact Manager Other Addresses tab displays the province’s full name when the “Province” code is selected from the drop down list to provide assurance that this field will generate correctly into client documents.
  • When any new contact record is created or opened to edit fields, a Save Page is required. All errors have been removed when entering a new contact name then clicking the 'Add New Contact' (field plus sign button) to open the New Contact window. When all contact record tabs and fields are entered with a save page clicked, no errors will display which will save time and reduce keystrokes.
  • Closing documents will add punctuation to the Civic Address eliminating manual entry.
  • The Document Selector window’s 'Generate & Close' and 'Generate and Clear' buttons are now active after the message ‘No templates were selected. Please select a template.’ displays. This will eliminate the need to click on another tab then click on the tab required again.
  • PTT Section G now uses proper punctuation when multiple properties are involved saving editing time. The payable field has been disabled to no longer revert back on digital signing eliminating the error during form registration.
  • A correction to calculations in the P-320, 310, 310A Statement of Adjustments, when a "PST Transition Rebate" and multiple properties were involved, will reduce manual calculations and edits that were required.
  • When a Sale file is copied to a Purchase file type, the Strata/Ins tab's “Management” and “Binder Fee” fields ‘Add to Adjustments’ button setting will be retained correctly. If the field is set to ‘Add to Adjustments’ in the sale file to be copied, then the new purchase file will also have this ‘Add to Adjustments’ button setting, eliminating the need to re-click the ‘Add’ button and reducing errors if this re-selection was missed.
  • Two additional Property “Nature of Charge” fields have been added. A new ‘blank’ choice to remove any items that might have been previously selected and the ‘Personal Property Security Agreement’ choice are available as a new charge to generate in your documents.
  • A Property “Charges Removed” item that has been newly created now auto-saves when exiting the tab instead of manually clicking the Save page button and displaying a ‘Save the page’ prompt.
  • When a Property Legal “PID” field is re-entered, to overwrite a previously stored “PID” field value, the Searches tab’s “PID” field updates immediately. This reduces confusion in the Searches tab “PID” field and displays the item used for title searches correctly.
  • All Property Title Search technical error messages correctly display the LTSA name as reference and will no longer include an incorrect BCOL name reference.
  • Account tab has been corrected and will display the ”Use Client First” button when the file matter’s client exists in the Parties tab. This will save time having to reselect the known client’s name from the Local contact database.
  • When the main menu ribbon’s “New” conveyance file button is clicked, an ‘Instance of an Object error’ message no longer displays. The Create New Conveyance window will open directly to make the creation of new file matters quicker and more efficient.
  • A correction has been made to the Mortgage Lender search window when it is first closed by clicking the “x” to exit and then another Mortgage Lender Schedule search is performed. An error has been corrected to allow a second search easily reducing keystrokes during this process.
  • When Auto-save is set to ‘On’ and after a Property, Buyer, Seller, or Mortgage tab item is created, an error message will no longer appear when clicking on their sub tabs for the first time. For example, in the Property-Searches tab after a Legal tab 'PID' field value is entered for the first time, the Searches/Land Value/Charges Removed/Charges On/ tab forms will display without an error ‘a property must be created first’ message. In Family Transfer files the Survey/Title Ins tab will have the “Apply/Remove” buttons reset if those items are changed in the Account Disbursement tab. As a result, the Property tab’s “PTT Exemption code” changes will remove previous data entered.
  • In Home Equity files:
    • The “Broker Fee” field amount has been corrected in the Home Equity file’s Parties tab.   When a “Broker Fee” is entered and the “Add to Accounts” button is clicked, the “Broker Fee” field correctly populates in the Accounts-Disbursement tab. The applicable taxes default to unchecked and the correct calculated result displays in the Disbursement tab's “Total” field. Once the applicable taxes checkboxes are checked, and the Page Calculator is clicked, the “Total” field value displays the correct amount (Fee plus applicable taxes) eliminating manual calculation of this field.
    • The “Apply/Remove Button” in the “Cost of Search” field for Property Searches, adds to or removes from the existing Account-Disbursement tab to save time when a manual entry is required in the Accounts.
    • Strata tab issue where the insurance binder was not displaying the name in the Disbursements tab item after an “Apply/Remove” button is used has been corrected so the insurance contact does not have to be re-entered.
    • The Mortgage tab is now data entry ready and has the ability to add a second mortgage or delete a mortgage item reducing document editing.
  • Search & Reports window error messages have been removed when no results were returned from the file matters search criteria. This will provide quicker and more accurate response when requesting reports and allow for further searching to be performed.

Need Help?

If you require further assistance, contact Customer Service at 1.866.367.7648 or


Last Updated: 2018-01-17 10:09:31 UTC

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