ProSuite Version 6.1


We are pleased to announce ProSuite Version 6.1 is now available. This version of the program includes some exciting new features and enhancements, many of which were suggested by our valued customers.


New Features:

  • A new Billing Process is implemented and will take effect January 1, 2014.
  • Mortgage Schedules can now be previewed before selecting and attaching the information to the file matters.
  • All the new LTO forms are now available and are generating without blank pages.
  • A Strata Form Fee now displays in the Strata tab and generating in all the appropriate documents.  
  • The PTT Account Name displays in the Property Legal tab and generating on all the appropriate documents.
  • The Property Searches tab’s import is simplified by removing the ‘reviewed’ button process.
  • A new Trust in/out Rec tab is now available confirming all adjustments are balanced prior to generating the Statement of Adjustments.



If you have any questions related to any of the enhancements listed below, please reference the item number described.


Mortgage Schedule Preview

·         A mortgage schedule can be previewed in the Mortgage Search Library window and also in the Lender’s tab by clicking on a new Preview button.


·         When this button is clicked it will open and display a separate window containing the schedule.


·         This feature ensures that the correct schedule has been selected for a particular File Matter, removing the need to generate the mortgage to ensure the correct schedule has been chosen.


Mortgage Library Form E

·         In preparation for the My Firm > Global Mortgage Library update a new Form E Schedule section has been created.

·         The Global library data and new tabs will be available in the next release to will allow the data to display in a new file matter tab and then generate on the Form B Mortgage automatically.


Default PTT Bank

·         For all firms that only use one Trust Account a new Default PTT Bank field has been added to the My Firm Settings tab.

·         This enables the Account Name to generate on the Property Transfer Tax forms

·         (L-050) Electronic Property Transfer Tax PTT, (L-055) Electronic Form PTT Special, and (L-060) Electronic 1st Time Buyer-Exemption PTT.

·         This My Firm Setting Default PTT Bank name will automatically populate with Account Name in section J of the above forms saving manual entry.


New In/Out Trust Rec tab

·         A new In/Out Trust Rec tab now displays beside the BSOA and SSOA tabs.

·         This tab is a preview of the exact information that will generate in purchase file matter’s (P-360) In/Out Trust Reconciliation document.

·         This feature will allow users to confirm without having to generate documents.



·         This new "In/Out Rec" tab shows all monies coming in and all monies being disbursed so that a Conveyancer can determine if this File/Matter is balanced saving time and reducing errors.

Lookup Contact window improvements

·         The Lookup window has been enhanced to display instant results.

·         This will ensure that the selection is correct and quickly displayed.

New Strata Form Fee Field

·         A new Strata tab field has been created to accommodate the Strata Form Fees.

·         This new field has the ability to Add and Remove the cost of the Strata Forms to the BSOA tab.

·         The field will generate in the Buyers Statement of Adjustments and Trust Reconciliation documents.


Mortgage Draw Tab

·         In the Mortgage Draw Tab the Original Current Balance field is using the money remaining from the Secured Amount minus the Advanced Amount.

·         At the completion of each draw an account can be automatically created in the Account tab by clicking the Add Account button.

·         Once the balance of mortgage monies =0.00 and another draw is requested a message will display that the current balance is 0.00.


·         The last draw, usually called a Final Draw, can be edited on the Account tab items description field.

Notes Tab Date Change Message

·         In file matters Notes Tab all Date Change entries recorded in the Message field will no longer allow edits.

·         This will ensure the data change feature that is automatically completed will remain valid.

Find Conveyance Allows Single Quote Search

·         In the Find Conveyance window’s Find field the File Matter choice has been enhanced.

·         This File Matter choice will now allow a search of the single quote used in many file names.


·         This will ensure the results will capture all file matters as requested.

Status - Shared Access tab look up labels

·         In the Status - Shared Access tab when a Notary/Lawyer choice is used it will display the “Lookup Users:” selection with an appropriate label.


New Billing Contact field

·         The My Firm window now displays a new Billing Contact field created for each firm.

·         This firm billing contact will receive communication for ProSuite transactional billing and invoicing information.

·         The My Firm - Firm tab contains a field for you to identify your office's billing contact. This field is pre-populated with names from the My Firm - Personnel tabs.


·         Select the name of the person who is the billing contact for your office, and then save.

·         If the billing contact is not in the selection list, add this person’s name and email in the appropriate Personnel tab and then return to the Firm tab.

·         This person will now appear in the billing contact drop down for selection.

·         If the Personnel field is removed or deleted the Billing Contact field will default to the first Practitioner that has a valid email address entered.

New Billing, Payment Manager and Account Summary tabs

·         A new My Firm, 'Billing' tab is now available that contains two new tabs called ‘Payment Manager’ and ‘Account Summary’ allowing customers to Manage their Payment Options.

·         Invoice: Statements and invoices will be delivered via email on a monthly basis. A Statement contains all outstanding invoices and unallocated payments. The Invoice contains charges incurred for ProSuite in the previous month. You may also access these documents from the Account Summary tab.

·         Credit Card: Your credit card is debited when a transaction/file is created in ProSuite. The Secure Payment Manager ensures the secure storage and management of your office’s credit card information. Credit card information and payments are managed by Moneris, the largest secure processor of debit and credit card payments in Canada.

·         Select credit card as the payment method and also Add Credit Cards.

·         VISA® and MasterCard® are accepted by Do Process with a status as follows:

o   Valid – The credit card has not expired and can be used.

o   Invalid – The credit card has expired or has been suspended and can't be used.

o   Not Assigned – A credit card has not been assigned. Please select a card.

·         The My Firm - Firm tab contains a field for you to identify your office's billing contact. Please refer to item 4929 for further details.

General tab - Seller’s Button

·         In the General tab the Seller’s Button no longer displays an error message unnecessarily.

·         The Seller’s button will only display this error message when the Seller’s tab records do not contain a valid address.


ProTrust Preview Reports

·         All the ProTrust Preview Reports will now open more than one window at a time.

·         This will allow reconciliation of the bank statement against ProTrust reports to be easily viewed.

·         It will speed up the process and save the printing of each report the next reconciliation report will not be necessary unless required.

Family Transfer Fields

·         The Cheque Requisition fields in a Family Transfer File Matter have been removed and no are longer available.

·         This correction will ensure that cheques are not created in this file type causing reconciliation issues.

ProTrust Bank Fields Local Lookup

·         ProTrust: Trust > Accounts: Bank field only has access to Local Database lookup only.


·         This will ensure that all ProTrust, Trust Accounts are local to each firm and no global Bank Account records are used.

ProTrust Accounts

·         ProTrust: Trust >Trust Account: we have ensured that a local Trust Account can only be created & used once.

BSOA-Other Adjustments tab label

·         In Purchase file matters, the BSOA-Other Adjustments tab has its labels corrected.

·         The ‘Start Date’ field and the ‘On date’ field now displays in full.


Copying Files

·         When copying a file matter with existing Tax Certificate information the new file will retain all the tax certificate information successfully.

·         This will save time and manual data entry of Tax Certificate information on a duplicated file is no longer necessary.

LTO Forms (Blank Pages)

·         A new feature will now allow the Land Title documents to generate without any unnecessary blank pages in Adobe Acrobat pdf forms.

·         The User -> Settings tab is defaulted to be set on. The select ‘Automatically Remove Blank Pages from EFS Docs’ must remain checked in order to generate the LTO forms (Electronic Filing Submission Documents).

·         The PTT Forms do not have this ability due to the way they are created at the government and is currently being reviewed to enhance this.

My Firm -> Mortgage Library Global Items

·         Any Global mortgage templates created in the My Firm -> Mortgage Library are now Read Only.

·         Customers can continue to create their own firm Mortgage Library templates by copying a global template


Strata Tab Monthly Maintenance

In the Strata Tab the Monthly Maintenance's 'Apply to SOA - Remove' button no longer changes to an ADD button if you leave the page and come back.

Title Searches – Import

·         When importing a Property title search it is no longer required to selected “must be reviewed” checkboxes – the ability to import is available immediately.

·         The import button should be pressed after confirming the Charges you would like to be imported to the Charges Removed or Charges On tabs.


User Setting Colour tab

·         When using the User Settings Colour tab feature the colour is removed from File/Matter’s top bar making the top header easier to read.


When the Colour tab settings are turned off the top file matter header is coloured making important information easier to identify.


How to Receive the Update:

    1. Option 1: Unattended Overnight Installation:  If you left your computer turned on over the weekend (Oct.5-6) and left ProSuite running, your computer will be automatically upgraded with the new ProSuite 6.0 release.  
    2. Please note: If your computer went into Suspend or Hibernate mode overnight, this method would not work and Option 2 below must be followed.


Option 2: Automatic Installation during initial login:

    1. When a new ProSuite software update is available, ProSuite will automatically download and install the new update when you first start up the ProSuite application on your computer.
      1. The software download and update usually takes about 5 to 10 minutes for a simple update but depends on several different factors including: the available network bandwidth at your office, the size of the update, and how many update downloads are occurring at the same time.
    2. ProSuite will display the status of the download and update.
    3. Once the update has been completed, you will be able to login to ProSuite.

Last Updated: 2016-03-07 15:29:42 UTC

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