ProSuite Version 7.0.


We are pleased to announce ProSuite Version 7.0. This version includes some major changes designed to improve the efficiency in which you work with the software. This is phase 1 of a two phase re-design of the User Interface, with the second phase scheduled for implementation in the fall of 2014.

New Features

ProSuite’s New Look-and-Feel

Simplification and streamlining are two fundamental aspects that we have addressed in this release. Some of the efficiency improvements include:

  • Tabs are now data entry ready and no longer require the ‘New’ button be clicked each time you enter a tab.
  • Creating a New Conveyance/File: reduced mouse clicks by combining the file matter number window and the conveyance dates and file type windows into one.
  • We have eliminated 8 – 10 tabs from each file type while retaining all required data elements:
    • File tabnow contains File, Dates (date changes), Power of Attorney and File Status information.
    • A new Notes/Share tab contains the Notes and the Share tabs now as subtabs.
    • The Property Search tabs have been combined to have all the Title Search information visible in one location.
    • A new Parties tab contains the Client and Outside Parties (Buyers and Sellers) as subtabs for easy reference.
    • The Taxes/Comm tab contains two subtabs, the newly organized Taxes tab and the Commissions tab.
    • The Survey/Title Ins tab combines all the Survey tab fields and Title Insurance fields into one tab for easy access. Sale file types have these tabs removed.
    • The Strata/Ins tab joins all the Strata tab and Insurance tab fields into one convenient location. Sale file types have these tabs removed.
    • All Buyers and Sellers statement of adjustments and in/out trust reconciliation tabs are now under one new Adjustments tab and retain all the same functionality.
    • For our customers using ProTrust the new Trust tab contains Receipts, Cheques, and Trust In/Out subtabs.
  • A user setting is now available to choose whether or not the Strata Clause is included in the legal description. This will make reviewing your searches much easier and save time editing the title search information.
    • To adjust this setting click the main menu ribbon User button
    • Select the My Settings tab and check ‘Include Strata Clause from the Title Search
  • New format standards have been implemented into each tab’s labels and fields providing a consistent clean look.

Family Transfer File Type

  • The Family Transfer file type is now available to ALL customers (ie. Notaries and Lawyers).
  • Improvements to this file type include:
    • The Property - Land Value Property Transfer Tax (PTT) section has been updated to allow “eligible if Land Value > $500,000”, calculations for exemption up to and including 100% for any value of property, PTT payable is calculated, and a “Percent Exempt” field is now available to populate in the (L-055) Electronic Form PTT saving valuable time calculating and editing the document manually.
    • The Mortgage, Insurance, and Trust tabs are now available (for our customers using the ProTrust feature.)
    • The Document Selector now includes the Banks docs Tab along with all new Family Transfer master documents. Click Here to view the list of new Documents.
    • If a Mortgage exists, applicable field values will automatically be added in the Order to Pay Tab.
    • If no Mortgage exists applicable field values will be automatically added in the Adjustments - Direction to Pay Tab.
    • The new Proceeds tab has three subtabs: Proceeds, Adjustments, and a new Monies In tab to accommodate any monies brought in when no mortgage exists.
    • The Adjustments - Direction to Pay tab will generate into the client’s Direction to Pay and Trust Reconciliation documents.

Municipal Tax Certificate Search

  • We have endeavored to re-create the same service, but in the absence of cooperation from APIC, we have had to adjust the workflow as follows:
    • The search must be done manually in BC Online (note that there is a ‘BC Online website login’ button on the Tax tab that will take you to the BCOL login page).
    • Navigate, search for, retrieve and save the tax certificate.
    • Selecting the ‘Import’ button on the Tax tab in ProSuite will copy the tax roll number and other data from the certificate into the Tax tab. Selecting ‘Open’ will display your saved tax certificate.  

How to Perform the Update

Option 1: Unattended Overnight Installation:  If you left your computer turned on over the weekend and left ProSuite running, your computer will be automatically upgraded with the new ProSuite release.  Please note: If your computer went into Suspend or Hibernate mode overnight, this method would not work and Option 2 below must be followed.

Option 2: Automatic Installation during initial login:  When a new ProSuite software update is available, ProSuite will automatically download and install the new update when you first start up the ProSuite application on your computer.

The software download and update usually takes about 5 to 10 minutes for a simple update but depends on several different factors including: the available network bandwidth at your office, the size of the update, and how many update downloads are occurring at the same time.

ProSuite will display the status of the download and update.

Once the update has been completed, you will be able to login to ProSuite

Last Updated: 2016-03-07 15:29:42 UTC

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