ProSuite Version 6.1.1


We are pleased to announce ProSuite Version 6.1.1 is now available. This version of the program includes some exciting new features and enhancements, many of which were suggested by our valued customers.


New Features:

LTO Form E Generation


  •  A new feature can be enabled in your user settings that will allow schedules to automatically populate and append to the Form B mortgage when generated.
  •  A Form E tab is now available on the Mortgages tab to allow for population of the Form E schedule if a mortgage type is not selected (in adobe format) when you generate an (L-020) Form B (v20) Mortgage document.
  • Extra blank pages have been removed from all generated EFS documents.

Deleted schedules on Lenders tab 

  • If a schedule is applied to file matter Mortgage Lenders tab and then removed it will no longer generate on the Form B mortgage.

 A New field for PTT Bank Name 

  • When the PTT Bank field in the File Matter Property tab is not defined, the default PTT Bank field in the My Firm - Settings tab will be used to generate PTT documents.  


How to Receive the Update:

Option 1: Unattended Overnight Installation:  If you left your computer turned on over the weekend and left ProSuite running, your computer will be automatically upgraded with the new ProSuite release.  

Please note: If your computer went into Suspend or Hibernate mode overnight, this method would not work and Option 2 below must be followed.


Option 2: Automatic Installation during initial login:

When a new ProSuite software update is available, ProSuite will automatically download and install the new update when you first start up the ProSuite application on your computer.

The software download and update usually takes about 5 to 10 minutes for a simple update but depends on several different factors including: the available network bandwidth at your office, the size of the update, and how many update downloads are occurring at the same time.

ProSuite will display the status of the download and update.

Once the update has been completed, you will be able to login to ProSuite.

Last Updated: 2016-03-07 15:29:42 UTC

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