April 2014 - Version 16.1A

Introducing a sophisticated new user interface, which has been designed to help improve your workflow and to create a consistent image across all Do Process products. Following are the major changes:

•  The Login page provides you with direct access to the Do Process website, valuable information in the Customer Resource Centre, announcements, training sessions and legal terms and conditions for our software.

•  The Home page provides multiple methods to find your records, see upcoming events and view messages

•  Access the tools that used to appear in the toolbar from the Tools link

•  Access the Secondary Databases from the link beside Tools.

•  The tabs for topics across the top of a record have been replaced with links to the topics in a panel on the left side of the open record.

•  The Ledger/Proposed Distribution has been removed from Tasks and now appears as a separate topic from the Ledg/Prop Dist link in the left panel. All other functionality for this item remains the same.

•  The new design for an open record makes it easier to access all of the topics in a record

•  The Configuration page (accessed by the Default user only) has been redesigned

•  The Polaris tab has been removed.

Easier identification of documents generated in Tasks. The name or abbreviation of the master document has been added as a prefix to reflect the contents of the document.

•  For example, in the fax cover sheet to the accountant, instead of naming it T3.2 (for task #3, second document), the document is named “fax-T3.2”.

In the Statement of Account (accessed through Tasks), the F9 value for the Software Transaction Charge will always reflect the charges appearing in the Pay-per-Use Status box in Tab A.

For a client identified with gender "Other (charitable") or "Other (noncharitable)" and as Named Trustee and Estate Trustee with a different name in the Will, the full name appears in Court Form 74.5 > Affidavit > Name of corporate applicant field (i.e. The New Charity (referred to in the will as The Old Charity).

There is a change in the behaviour of the combination fields in The Application topic:

•  N/y in the topic field appears as “No” in the Court Form.

•  Y/n in the topic field appears as “Yes” in the Court Form.

•  ??? in the topic field appears as “N/A” in the Court Form.

•  Y/n in the topic field appears as “Yes” in the Court Form

Estate-a-Base is now fully compatible with Microsoft® Office 2013 and Microsoft Office 365 (desktop version).

Click the attachment to view the Upgrade Notice.

Last Updated: 2017-03-22 17:02:15 UTC

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