ADVANCED UPGRADE NOTICE - September 22, 2014

We are pleased to announce ProSuite Version 7.1 will be available October 4, 2014 at 9:00 am. This version will contain exciting new features and enhancements; many suggested by our valued customers.

For anyone who would like to learn more about the enhancements in this release, four live PRE-Release webinars will be held at 10:00 am and 2:00 pm PST on Tuesday, September 30th and Thursday, October 2nd. An additional four live POST-Release webinars will be held at 10:00 am and 2:00 pm PST on Monday, October 13th and Wednesday, October 15th. Click here to register for one of the 30 minute sessions.

Please be aware that during the upgrade, ProSuite will be unavailable to users. The upgrade will start on Saturday, October 4, 2014 at 12:01 am and will be available to users by Saturday October 4 at 9:00 am.

  • Further improvements to the ‎Title Search and Import workflow will reduce keystrokes and save time
    • Priority Agreements automatically checked as “Charges to be Removed” will save time during the importing process
    • Simplified importing of existing registered owners, allowing duplicate local contacts names, will reduce the need to select from existing local contacts
    • The Property Title Search that is imported will be labelled in the sidebar to make the search imported easily identifiable
  • Family Transfer files Seller tab “ILA” indicator and new fields will generate in the new ILA documents
  • Prevention of Mortgage Schedule duplicates in the lookup window will provide more accurate and faster selection of required schedules
  • Commissions GST calculations are now rounding up the numbers for each field before the next calculation is performed in order to match real estate sales record sheets
  • The Document Selector list filters as you type in the search pane for faster and easier location of documents being selected for document production
  • LTO Form enhancements will ensure the most up to date LTSA forms are available
  • PTT Forms now include more generated fields to reduce manual editing and save time
  • Document Generation Improvements provide accurate generation of items in the Statement of Adjustments and Order to Pay to reduce documents editing

Over 35 program errors have been corrected, some of which are listed below:

    • Additional Property Nature of Charge fields now include a blank choice in order to remove any items that might have been previously selected. The Personal Property Security Agreement item can now be chosen as a new charge to generate in your documents
    • Closing documents now add punctuation to the Civic Address eliminating the need to manually format this field in your documents
    • Home Equity Broker Fee tax calculations have been corrected and no longer include taxes that were not applied
    • PTT Section G is now using proper punctuation when multiple properties are involved and the payable field has been disabled to no longer revert back on digital signing
    • The ‘My Firm’ Billing Contact field lists all firm Practitioner and Staff Member names and will now include their emails. This will allow for easy selection of a billing contact that must contain a valid email address and prevent error messages when saving the tab
    • In Family Transfer files the Survey/Title Ins tab will have the “Apply/Remove” buttons reset if those items are changed in the Account Disbursement tab. As a result, the Property tab’s PTT Exemption code changes will remove previous data entries
    • A Property Charges Removed item that has been newly created now auto-saves when exiting the tab
    • In Home Equity files the “Apply/Remove Button” in the Cost of Search field for Property Searches, adds to or removes from the existing Account-Disbursement tab

How Do You Upgrade?

Option 1: Unattended Overnight Installation:  (This is the recommended option since it requires less time to get started on ProSuite when first logging in after the upgrade.)

  • Leave your computer turned on and leave ProSuite running overnight on Sunday night.
  • The Upgrade will automatically perform overnight.
  • When you login to ProSuite in the morning it will already have been upgraded with the new version.
  • Note – If your computer goes into Suspend or Hibernate mode overnight, this method will not work and it will then be installed using Option 2 below.

 Option 2: Automatic Installation during initial login:

  • When a new ProSuite software upgrade is available, ProSuite will automatically download and install the new version the first time you launch the application on your computer following the release.
    • The software download and upgrade usually take about 5 to 10 minutes for a simple update, but depend on several factors including: the available network bandwidth at your office, the size of the upgrade and how many upgrade downloads are occurring at the same time.
    • This method will be used, if Unattended Overnight Installation (Installation Option 1) has not occurred.
    • ProSuite will display the status of the download and upgrade.
    • When the upgrade has completed you will be able to complete your login to ProSuite.


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