How do I add a master document to the main document production list?

The master document must first be saved in the Master Documents folder (Example: Z:\TCWIN\MASTERS) in order to be added to the Document Production List.

To determine the location of your master documents folder:

  1. Open up The Conveyancer® and click “Go To” - “DP Filer
  2. Click on “M” to open the Master Documents
  3. The location of the master documents folder will be displayed in the DP Filer window as such:


  1. Ensure that your customized master document is saved to this folder before proceeding further
    Note: ensure that your master document is named with an appropriate file extension (Example: if the document is name "document.p" the .p represents that this is for a Purchase record.  The extension could also be .psm if the document applies to a Purchase, Sale and Mortgage.)

Adding a master document to the main Document Production List:

A master document has to be added to all three types of files if it is to be used in all transactions (purchase, sale and mortgage). To include the same master document in all transactions, simply repeat the following instructions in each type of transaction.

  1. For a purchase master document, open an existing purchase record and open Document Production
  2. Click on “Manage Categories” and click “Edit ALL Purchase category file (ALL.PC)
  3. Click “Insert Line” and then “Select Master from list
  4. From the list of master documents, highlight the document to be added and click “Select
  5. Double click on the “Description” field to enter the description of the document
  6. When finished, click “Save"

Your new master document will now display in the list of documents available to produce.


Last Updated: 2015-07-16 19:57:58 UTC

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