How do I set up my own Predefined Authorized Capital entry?

  1. Login as the DEFAULT user
  2. Click on Miscellaneous Editing > select 1 Authorized Capital Records
  3. Click on Add
  4. Enter a name for your Predefined Authorized Capital entry beside the “Authorized Capital Record:” section.
    Note: ensure that this name does not contain spaces or any special characters (commas are accepted).
  5. Privs./Restrictions Precedent: select the precedent you would like to use
    Note: this is not a mandatory field
  6. Click on Add Class to define the classes for the Authorized Capital Entry
  7. Once completed, click Save.

Your new Authorized Capital will be available to select in Tab K (Authorized Capital) in your records.

Last Updated: 2015-08-11 19:40:08 UTC

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    When I create my own predefined authorized capital, do all the other Fast Company users that I share with see it as well, or does it only apply to the companies I work on?

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    Hi Kristen May,

    All of the users that access the program will also be able to see, and select, the customized Predefined Authorized Capital that you have created.