How do I switch from Word Perfect® to Microsoft Word® / or vice versa?

  • Click on the Go To menu at the top of The Conveyancer®
  • Click User Setup > Directories, and make a note of the location of the TCWIN folder
  • Open the TCWIN folder and create a new folder, such as WMASTERS / WPMASTERS
  • Log in to The Conveyancer® as Default and select User Setup
  • Click Add to create a new username that has Microsoft Word®/Word Perfect® as part of the name (i.e. Sue–Word/Sue–WP)
  • Select Microsoft Word®/Word Perfect® as the word processor
  • Go to Directories and uncheck Adopt Defaults if it is checked
  • Click on the Flashlight icon next to Master Documents and change the path to point to the newly created WMASTERS / WPMASTERS folder
  • Delete the text in the Path to Word Processor field
  • Click on the Flashlight icon next to Path to Word Processor to point to where Microsoft Word®/Word Perfect® is installed and click OK
  • Log into The Conveyancer® as the newly created user
  • Go to Updates at the top and Import selected Master Documents from Do Process Software
  • The Conveyancer® program will prompt you to install all Microsoft Word®/Word Perfect® Masters, since the WMASTERS / WPMASTERS folder is empty
  • Select the applicable Jurisdiction and click Proceed 


Last Updated: 2015-06-25 19:26:11 UTC

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