How do I validate a record?

Open Tab A > Click the Lock Button > Proceed by Internet > Indicate Payment Method > Type in ‘Requested by’ Name > Type in ‘Authorized by’ Name > Indicate Type of Validation > Click Purchase by Internet > Submit

Note: The Record number (Tab A), Name of Deceased and Date of Death (Tab B) should be completed before validating the Record.

The cost of validating an estate record so that you can perform estate administration functions is $75. The cost of validating an estate record to perform estate accounting functions depends on the number of estate accounting entries to be recorded-$100 for up to 150 estate accounting entries; $250 for 650 estate accounting entries; $400 for an unlimited number of estate accounting entries.

Note: When counting the number of estate accounting entries, if the record is validated for estate administration, entries for assets and/or liabilities at the Date of Death (i.e. original assets and liabilities) are excluded from the count.

For convenience, even though the record may not have yet been validated, you can still enter data (up to 25 estate accounting entries).

Last Updated: 2014-06-27 15:45:50 UTC

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