How do I install the Outlook™ Integration?

The Conveyancer® Outlook™ integration add-on is compatible with the following Microsoft operating systems and versions of Outlook:

  • Windows Vista and Outlook™ 2007
  • Windows 7 and Outlook™ 2007/Outlook™ 2010
  • Windows 8 and Outlook™ 2007/Outlook™ 2010
  • Windows 8.1 and Outlook™ 2007/Outlook™ 2010

To install the Outlook™ Integration feature:

1. Ensure that Outlook™ is closed
2. Log in to The Conveyancer® program under your own username
3. Click on Updates
4. Select Install Outlook Integration Add-on

5. On the webpage that opens, click on Download Now

6. When prompted, click on Open and double click on the Setup.exe
7. Select Proceed
8. Click Yes to create the target directory
9. You will receive a message that the Installation was Successful, click OK to
   this message

10. Launch Outlook™ and click on the new Add-ins tab

11. Click on The Conveyancer® dropdown and click Options and fill in the following areas:

“The Conveyancer®” data directory
In this section you will identify the folder in which your Conveyancer® data is located. If you are unsure where your data resides, please contact Do Process customer service for assistance at 416 322 6111 or 1-866-367-7648

Synchronization Type
There are two options to select from:

  • Manual – user initiated synchronization (performed by selecting the “Synchronize” sub-menu item in The Conveyancer® drop down menu in Outlook™
  • Automatic – Synchronization occurs every time you open MS Outlook™.

The default synchronization is ‘Manual’.

Synchronize entries between the following dates
Outlook calendar items will be created for any Requisition, Closing and Occupancy date within the date range specified.

Type of dates to synchronize
This setting allows you to select the dates to be synchronized; requisition dates, closing dates and occupancy dates.

Allows you to set a reminder notification for each calendar item created in Outlook. As a default this is set to ‘none’.

12. Click OK

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