What are the title Insurance options?

Law Office Facilitated Title Insurance (LOFTI) is the process by which The Conveyancer facilitates the ordering of Title Insurance (for residential properties only) from Stewart Title Guaranty Company, FCT Insurance Company Ltd. or Chicago Title Insurance Company.

Title Insurance for Stewart Title is available in two modes, each with a different interface and workflow:

• Electronic-order - lets you order Title Insurance from Stewart Title with all communications and documents delivered electronically over the Internet.
• Paper-based - requires you to contact Stewart Title to receive policy numbers and documents.

The Paper-based is set up by default in The Conveyancer. We advise new clients to contact Stewart Title (866-969-9101) to reconfigure LOFTI to Electronic-order, obtain the login credentials and download policies into The Conveyancer.

For FCT we advise new clients to contact FCT (866-804-3122) to set up a new account with login credentials.

Chicago Title allows a new user to submit a request for a new account within The Conveyancer via a dialog box that appears when a new user selects this Title Insurance company for the first time.

Last Updated: 2014-06-27 15:31:40 UTC

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