ProSuite™ Advance Upgrade Notice V8.9.2

ProSuite™ Advance Upgrade Notice V8.9.2

Please be advised that we will be releasing ProSuite V8.9.2 on Sunday, November 26th, 2017. During the upgrade ProSuite will be unavailable to customers between 3:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. PST on November 26th.

What’s being upgraded?



The Property Transfer Tax Department has announced that V29 of the Property Transfer Tax form will be released and is the only version that will be acceptable for registration as of Monday, November 27th, 2017.

They have also advised that Adobe Acrobat DC is required in order to use this new version of the form. If you have an older version of Adobe Acrobat you MUST UPGRADE prior to November 27th, 2017.

Please visit the Property Transfer Tax Department’s web site for details of the changes in this new version of the form:

If you have any questions regarding the requirement to upgrade Adobe Acrobat or the PTT V29, please contact the Property Transfer Tax Department at 1.888.355.2700 or

The LTSA has announced that the new PTT will be made available for download in the near future. Read the full announcement here:

Statutory Declarations will not be revised unless the Notary Society and/or Law Society indicate it is required.


The following bug will be fixed:

  • If an adjustment date is changed after the tax information has been entered the Prorated Tax amount is not updating automatically when the taxes are paid by the Seller.


How Do You Upgrade?

Automatic Installation During Initial Login:

  • When a new ProSuite software upgrade is available, ProSuite will automatically download and install the new version the first time you launch the application on your computer following the release.
    • The software download and upgrade usually take about 5 to 10 minutes for a simple update, but depend on several factors including: the available network bandwidth at your office, the size of the upgrade and how many upgrade downloads are occurring at the same time.
  • ProSuite will display the status of the download and upgrade.
  • When the upgrade has completed, you will be able to login to ProSuite.


Need Help?

If you require further assistance, please contact customer service at 1.866.367.7648 or


Last Updated: 2017-11-15 20:23:09 UTC

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