What are some common errors that arise when processing through the Electronic Mortgage Processing portal?

 Lawyer Lender Connect (LLC)

  1. Message=Please complete the following mandatory field(s): Invalid request,Invalid request,Invalid request

This error message refers to the Verification IDs selected within Tab B. This is common for TD Mortgages as there are two Verification ID Selection Lists now (List A and List B). The ID types must be selected from the provided lists (typing the ID Type is not accepted).  If you select an ID from List A, a second ID is no longer required.

 To resolve this error message re-enter the first ID by selecting the ID from the List.

a) Click on the magnifying glass beside the Type box.

b) Select the appropriate ID Type from one of the Lists.

Note:  If the ID you are selecting is from List A, remove the second ID by clicking on the clear icon above the ID type box.


  1. Message=The following mandatory fields are missing. You are not permitted to create the Solicitor's-Notary's Final Report on Title - Collateral Mortgage until these fields are completed.”

This message displayed because there was a Verification ID in the second 2nd ID and no ID in the first ID.

To resolve this error message copy the information from the second ID to the first ID and remove from second ID using the clear icon  above the ID Type box.


  1. Message=Please complete the following mandatory field(s):
    Expiry Date cannot be in the past."

This message indicates that the expiry date for one or more of the following is in the past:

  • Fire Insurance
  • Verification IDs within Tab B.
  • Verification IDs within Tab G > Lawyer Data > Guarantors


  1. Message=Province is not a valid Canadian Province. 

This message indicates an issue with the way the province has been entered in the Fire Insurance Tab (Tab I), Properties Tab (Tab D) or other areas which may include Province data. 

To resolve this issue correct the Province. The Province name must be fully spelled out (no abbreviations such as ON will be accepted).



  1. Message=Following postal code fields must be in the A1A 1A1 Format.

This message indicates that a US postal code has been entered in the Pre-Closing Address in Tab B as the LLC does not accept US zip codes.

To resolve this issue remove the zip code from the Pre-Closing Address in Tab B.



 Stewart Assyst

  1. Message=Script Error


The System Requirements to access the Stewart Assyst Portal through the Conveyancer are Internet Explorer 11 or higher.

To resolve the errors, upgrade Internet Explorer to 11 or higher.


Last Updated: 2017-11-18 09:31:14 UTC

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