Sending a Document Production Microsoft Word Document in an Email Body

Microsoft Word has a feature called Send to Mail Recipient. With this feature, you can easily insert any Word document, including documents generated in The Conveyancer®, in an email body and send it through Outlook.

You must have Microsoft Outlook 2013 or Microsoft Outlook 2016 installed on your computer.

Follow the directions below to display the Send to Mail Recipient feature in Word and then send documents generated in Document Production in the body of an email.


Display the “Send to Mail Recipient” Feature in Word

Open a document in Word.

Right-click the ribbon and select Customize Quick Access Toolbar from the list.

In the left side of the Word Options box, select Quick Access Toolbar if not automatically selected. From the Choose commands from dropdown menu, select Commands Not in the Ribbon. Scroll down to select Send to Mail Recipient from the list and then click the Add >> button. Finally click OK to close the box.

The Send to Mail Recipient button is now displayed on the Quick Access Toolbar on the top of all Word documents.

When you click on the button, the To, Cc and Introduction fields appear, the Subject field contains the name of the document, and the contents of the document appear in the body of an email.


Sending a Document Generated in The Conveyancer’s Document Production

Generate the required document in Document Production. When the document opens in Word, click the Send to Mail Recipient button in the Quick Access toolbar.


After clicking the Send to Mail Recipient button, you will see the mail composing window under the ribbon.

Enter the recipient’s email address in the To field on the email and add other recipients to the To and/or Cc fields.
Change the text in the Subject field if you wish to display something other than the document name.
In the Introduction field, enter any details you would like to add about the document.
Click Send a Copy to send the document.

Your Word document generated in Document Production will be sent to the specified recipient(s). You can go to your Outlook sent folder to check that the document was sent successfully.



Last Updated: 2017-08-03 12:49:57 UTC

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