How do I Convert or Amend Authorized Capital?

It is possible to amend the authorized capital in your record by either adding, deleting or editing your existing classes of shares. Please note that you will only be able to amend your share classes on a date after your most recent issuance or transfer of shares in tab L.

In Tab K, click the Effect Change Button and in the window that opens, choose restructure or correct erroneous authorized capital.

Next, choose the effective date of the recorded change. Please note that if a date is greyed out, it is prior to the last issuance or transfer of shares and you will not be able to choose it as an effective date.

From the bottom of the window, choose the appropriate button – Add Class, Edit Class or Delete Class. You can then enter the appropriate details of your new share classes.


Next, choose the right-pointing arrow at the bottom of the window.

In the share conversion window that opens, indicate what is happening to the shares that existed prior to the conversion. You can choose remain, be converted to and be cancelled from the drop down next to the share classes. If you are converting shares, please ensure that you indicate on the right-hand side what class the existing shares will now be a part of.

When this is complete, choose the right-hand pointing arrow at the bottom of the window. Then click “Yes” in the Confirm – proceed with share conversion window.

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