How do I add a new Solicitor, Law Clerk, or Non-Staff Witness to the database?

To add a Solicitor, Law Clerk, or Non-Staff Witness, please follow the instructions below:

1. Login to the program under your username (not default)

2. Click on 'Databases' found in the top right corner (Or click on the 'Go To' menu and select 'Secondary Databases'

3. Click on 'Staff & Witnesses'

4. Click 'Add'

5. Fill in the user information and select the appropriate category for the 'Capacity' (This is where you will specify Solicitor, Law Clerk, Non-Staff Witness.  Note; this is also where you will enter the Do Process credentials provided by Do Process.

6. Click 'OK'


Last Updated: 2017-04-11 18:17:14 UTC

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