January 2016 - Version 17.4B

This version of Estate-a-Base resolves the following issues that appeared in Version 17.4A:

•  In the Forms topic, when printing the back sheet of a form from print preview, an error message appeared. In this version, the back sheet will be printed as expected.

•  The Value of Estate fields in Tab C did not appear in the appropriate layout when the Zoom in feature was used. In this version, the fields all appear as expected.

•  When generating documents in the Tasks topic, documents appeared for other records. In this version, only the selected documents for the current record appear.

•  The Local Assets Contacts Database displayed local contacts form other records. In this version, the database displays the contacts for the current record only.


New Features in Version 17.4B

Updated Master Documents – We have updated several Master Documents by replacing the term Court fees with Estate Administration Tax. The documents are accessed from the following tasks:

•  Application for Certificate 

  • (TESTATE – Letter to Court with applic’n, etc.)
  • (INTESTATE – Letter to Court with applic’n etc.)

•  Undertaking Re Probate Fees

  • undertkg.utg (Undertaking of Estate Trustees re probate fees)
  • l-more$.utg (Ltr to court & Affid. After inventory- $ PAYABLE)
  • l-refd$.utg (Ltr to court & Affid. After inventory- $ REFUNDABL)
  • l_nil$.utg (Ltr to court after asset inventory- NO ADJUSTMENT)

•  Click here for instructions for importing these documents.

Probate Intake Form for WordPerfect – A WordPerfect version of the Probate Intake Form, named probatequestionnaire.wpd, is now available. (The Word version of the form was released in 17.4A.) Once the document is imported, access it from the Go to menu, print the form and fill it in with estate-related information. Click here for instructions for importing this document

Importing New and Revised Master Documents

To access new and revised documents, you must first upgrade to version 17.4B and then import them, as follows:

  • Click Updates > Import selected master documents from DPS_MAST.ZIP.

For Documents with the Estate Administration Tax Terminology:

  • In the Import Selected Master Documents > Masters box, locate the required documents, double-click each one for tagging, click Proceed [F2] and confirm the import.

For the WordPerfect Probate Intake Form:

  • In the Import Selected Master Documents box, click $INCLUDE$, double-click probatequestionnaire.wpd to tag it, click Proceed [F2] and confirm the import.

Click the attachment to view the Upgrade Notice.

Last Updated: 2017-03-22 17:32:37 UTC

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