March 2015 - Version 17.1A

We are pleased to announce that the Estate Information Return form is now available in Estate-a-Base Version 17.1A. Estate-a-Base simplifies the preparation of this complex form by populating the appropriate fields with data from the record and automatically calculating the estate asset values.

•  Access this time-saving feature in the Forms topic > Ministry of Finance button > 9955E Estate Information Return.

•  Click here for more details about this feature.

•  Note that the Court Forms topic has been renamed Forms in Testate and Intestate records.

Increase Working Space – Minimize the navigation panel on the left side of the record, to increase the space within the record. When the panel is minimized, tab letters only will be displayed. Click images\ebx_-833907152.gif to minimize and images\ebx_1490896423.gif to maximize the panel.

Improved Resources in the Do Process Help Centre – The online Help Centre provides access to support and training materials 24/7 for your convenience. From the Help Desk you can open a request and interact with live agents during business hours. The new system efficiently expedites and manages requests for even faster resolutions.

•  On the Home Page, click Help Centre to access valuable material about Estate-a-Base.

•  In the Tasks topic, click Letterhead Request or Master Document Request to access the appropriate form. Remember to attach samples.

Help File Update – As of Version 17.1A, only the Help file (accessed from Help > Contents and Help buttons throughout the program) will be updated. The User’s Guide will no longer be updated as it contained identical information to the Help file.

Click the attachment to view the Upgrade Notice.

Last Updated: 2017-03-22 17:06:17 UTC

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