July 2016 - Version 17.4C

This version of Estate-a-Base includes fixes and updated documents, including the following:

•  The name entered in the Attention field of an Edit Asset Contact will appear in the Name of Broker/Agent field for Investments (i.e. for an Investment Account Original Asset) in the Investments section of the Estate Information Return form.

•  This fix enables the changing and the editing of the Ledger/Proposed Distribution name.

•  Form 74.44 Notice of Application to Pass Accounts has been updated.

  • For this updated form, you are expected to attach a blank copy of Forms 74.45 and 74.45.1. Due to different PDF printing technologies used to generate the forms, a message will appear requiring you to confirm the generation and printing of Form 74.45.1 (named Request for Service Empty) before generating Form 74.44.

•  The Master Documents L1_CRT-I.APP and L1_CRT-T.APP, which are related to the Application for Certificate task, have been updated and now include a reference to the death certificate in the list of documents. Follow these directions to import the Master Documents:

  1. Make a backup of the existing Masters folder (located at C:\EST8BASE\MASTERS, where C may be replaced by the letter for another drive).
  2. Log in as a regular user.
  3. Click Updates > Import selected master documents from DPS_MAST.ZIP.
  4. In the Masters tab, double-click the required documents (they are highlighted in green in the CD-ROM Version column), click Proceed and confirm the import.

Click the attachment to view the Upgrade Notice.

Last Updated: 2017-03-22 17:35:33 UTC

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