What are best practices for backing up The Conveyancer?

All data used in The Conveyancer is stored locally on the host computer/server in which it is installed, therefore it is extremely important to keep a backup to protect your data. When considering a backup solution, here is some important details to keep in mind.

Generally speaking, a backup should be of the entire Conveyancer install folder. This folder is typically called TCWIN and is usually found in the C: drive of the host computer or server. Restoring this folder in it's entirety will ensure that The Conveyancer will be as close to the original installation as possible. Backups should be kept on separate devices to ensure if one fails there is a copy on another. Non-networked devices are also recommended so they are not vulnerable to viruses or other cyber threats.

If space is an issue, you may wish to prioritize portions of the data to backup. Within TCWIN the most important folders are as follows:

  • The DATA folder, this MUST be backed up as this contains all the databases and records.
  • The PROJECTS folder in addition to the DATA folder if your firm uses the projects module.
  • The DOCS folder, as it contains all the documents produced for records.
  • The MASTERS folder, if you use a number of custom master documents and/or letterheads.

It should be noted that if you choose not to backup the entire TCWIN folder, The Conveyancer may need to be reinstalled before data can be restored, and that user settings will not be restored (ie login names, recent records lists, user rights etc.) and must be re-entered.

Whenever you restore from a backup you may need to have The Conveyancer be re-validated in order to use it, please contact Do Process customer service at 1-866-367-7648 to have the program re-validated.

Last Updated: 2016-12-29 14:16:45 UTC

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