What are the Document Production 'modes' and how can the mode be changed?

Do Process has maximized the efficiency with which our software interacts with Microsoft Word and WordPerfect.  Selecting the “Mode” that works best for your office is key to effective and efficient document production.  We recommend the following modes for your new installation:

  • Microsoft Word – BLUE Mode
  • Word Perfect – RED or BLUE Mode (specifically if you have an image present in your letterhead)

Should you experience difficulties producing documents using the recommended modes listed above, you may change the production mode by doing the following:

  1. In the Document Production tab, place a check mark on any document in the list.  This will activate the 'Produce (F2)' button at the bottom.

  2. Right click on the 'Produce (F2)' button and a menu will appear.

  3. Select an alternative Production Mode from the menu.

    • If using Word, there are only 2 Production Modes: Blue and Green.
    • If using Word Perfect, there are 3 Production Modes: Blue, Green, and Red.

  4. Try producing a document to see if the mode you have selected is better supported for your current environment and configurations.


Should you experience issues with document production, please consult the help guide or speak with Do Process Customer Service about the mode in which you are running.



Last Updated: 2016-12-23 15:52:33 UTC

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